THE NEATBEATS: Far and Near LP (150gr color vinyl)


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Featuring former members of the Death Dealers, Tokyo’s Neatbeats are Japan’s number one Beat band. This, their debut album, is the perfect companion to Squarehead Stomp by England’s Kaisers and is sure to please fans of that combo as well! Here, the Neatbeats have cleverly combined great ‘60s covers along with several originals in the style of early Beatles, Searchers and Hollies. If you’re a fan of the early ‘60s beat sound or the Kaisers, you’ll love the Neatbeats!

Track List
Spoilt Girl
Unhappy Girls
Everybody Loves A Lover
She Turned Around
Neatbeat Walk
What You Gonna Say?
I’m With You
She Said Yeah
Remember Me
Hi-Heel Sneakers
I’m Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry