THE NOMADS: Solna (loaded deluxe edition) LP


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The Nomads remastered reissue of their album Solna recorded by the Swedes in 2012. After many years of career, The Nomads produced their strongest album to date. The group perfected their sound, live and in the studio. Solna is the distilled essence of what Nomads are known for. Limited edition of 500 copies.

TRACKLIST SIDE A A1 Miles Away A2 Hangman’s Walk A3 The Bad Times Will Do Me Good A4 You Won’t Break My Heart A5 Don’t Kill The Messenger A6 20 000 Miles SIDE B B1 Can’t Go Back B2 American Slang B3 Maske Up My Mind B4 Up, Down Or Sideways B5 The Way You Let Me Down B6 Get Of My Mind