THE PARKINSONS: The Shape Of Nothing To Come LP


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“THE SHAPE OF NOTHING TO COME” is the fatalistic title of the Parkinsons’ new album, a record charged with a sound and narrative of suffocation, anxiety and frustration, which are by now the band’s hallmarks.
Another set of songs taken to the limit and lived to the full.
Polished, yet rawer, still keeping the contamination and sonic lineage of the previous records.
It stretches itself on the aesthetical and conceptual process without ever losing sight of the band’s inherent energy and spark.
It reinforces the dialogue between virtuousness and non conformism.
The outlook of daily life, the criticising of modern living, the love for the city, dreams both wasted and fulfilled, the glimmer of hope in a present of darkened politics and freedom, are still the group’s battlefield.
Metaphor is still the favoured figure of speech.
Sharper words form a more balanced album (as if it was the band’s last).
Labels had no place in its conception, the songs were picked and nurtured to reach a new musical landscape.
The rules, the chaos, the internal quarrels, the clash of a developing aesthetic vision make ‘The Shape of Nothing to Come’ the most urgent record of recent times.
It’s within the group’s core members of Afonso Pinto, Victor Torpedo and Pedro Chau, and their constant fighting, irreverence, and at times rupture, that the new record is conceived.

A record that sounds just like it is, a fight and a conflict that ends up merging in a narrative where new members Joao Silva (keys) and Ricardo Brito (drums) join in and help shaping the band’s new musical frame.
Recorded at home, Coimbra, at the Blue House Studios by the now brothers in arms Joao Rui and Joao Silva (A Jigsaw), this is THE record. An urgent record. Trembling before it’s even born, perhaps dying before it even lives.
But that’s how we want it and that’s how we’ve done it.
We’ve done it with everything we had, we fought for nothing and about anything. As if it was our first and last record.
But this time, all our time, love and hate is for “The Shape of Nothing to Come”.


2. Tricks
3. Numb
4. Overweight
5. Do you know
6. Metal cranes
7. Heavy metal
8. Alone in my car
9. Bad wolf
10. Burning down
11. Sexy jesus
12. Game for good