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This is one of the most obscure records ever released in Venezuela in the 60s and the only recording of The Pets.

This 1967 album shows perfectly what the influences of the Venezuelan nueva ola (new wave) scene were at the time, including versions of The Doors, Beatles, Rolling Stones, Paul Revere & The Riders… as well as the outstanding original “El Entierro De Un Hombre Rico Que Murio De Hambre”, one of the finest garage tunes to emerge from Latinamerica.

First time reissue, audios remastered from the original tapes and pressed on 180g vinyl.

1. No Lo Hagas Tan Difícil
2. Si Te Hablaran de Mi
3. Este es el Fin
4. El Entierro de un Hombre Rico que Murió de Hambre
5. Algo que es Amor
6. Hello I Love You
7. Si Tú Quisieras
8. Una Como Ella
9. Revolución
10. Toma la Guitarra3
11. La Pobreza 02:48
12. En el Verano 02:17