THE RAYMEN – Death’s Black Train 12″

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The Raymen emerged with their back-from-the-grave, swamp-blues meets death-countryย and psychobilly sound in 1985, debuting on their “Going Down To Death Valley” album.ย “Desert Drive” and their double LP, “From the Trashcan To the Ballroom” followed the next two years.
Song themes run the gamut from werewolves, to voodoo, 50s horror B-movies, trains, switchblades, witchdoctors, Lucifer, outer space and fast cars. Oh, yeah, and the perennial trouble with dames.
Hoodoo you love?
One constant in the band and its direction over, lo, these many decades, has been head Raymen, and lead singer and songwriter, Hank Ray.
With 15 albums and appearances on numerous compilations over the years, the Berlin based Raymen return in top form with their latest release, “Death’s Black Train”.
“Death’s Black Train” is a rockin brain-stomper that gives no quarter, and is an instant refresher course in what rock and roll is all about in the first place. Hank Ray is recognized as the Godfather of Death Country Rock, following a Goth C&W style of his own. On “Death’s Black Train” Hank Ray dials up the energy to recapture the dark ju-ju and fury that made the The Raymen one of the top cult bands in the genre, and not just another “Cramps” wannabe band. Hank Rays distinctive, rugged baritone imparts an ominous tone to the songs, adding an extra dimension of menace and boding evil to the music.
The Raymen are scorching up the tracks again, playing to beat the very Devil they sold their souls to, all those years ago. The EP fairly drips with blood, snake venom, graveyard mud and reeking of sulphur, for all who climb on board “Deaths Black Train”. All board!

Limited to 300 copies total.

Band Members

Hank Ray โ€“ Vocals
Tex Napalm โ€“ Guitar
T-Base โ€“ Bass
Tommy Favorite โ€“ Drums

Additional musicians
Rudi Protrudi – Backing Vocals on “Long Tall Shadow With Fire Eyes”

All selections โ€“ words & music by Hank ยซHoly Rollerยป Ray. Arrangements by The Raymen

Recorded at Deadroom No. 9 and El Bruto Laboratories, May 13 -16/2010
Recorded, mixed and produced by Tex Napalm & Tommy Favorite for Holy Roller Productions
Mastering by Tommy Favorite, January 2012

Side One
1. Flame On Famous Flame โ€“ 2:26
2. Living In The City Of The Living Dead โ€“ 2:52
3. Weird Generation โ€“ 3:17

Side Two
1. When Death’s Black Train Is Coming Down (EP Mix) โ€“ 2:51
2. Long Tall Shadow With Fire Eyes โ€“ 4:55