THE REVELATORS: We Told You Not To Cross Us LP


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16-cut monstrous rock’n’rollin’ howlin’ poundin’ mutha of a debut lp and it blows their debut 7′ straight to hell! Recorded live-to-1-track in 8 hours in September 1996 in Kansas, this be it daddy!

A1 Ain’t Got A Thing
A2 Under The Gun
A3 Earthshaker, Yeah!
A4 Just Fine
A5 These Calloused Hands
A6 Hillbilly Wolf
A7 Backseat Man
A8 Come Back Baby (I Wish You Would)
B1 Serve The Man
B2 Riverplace Courtyard On The Square
B3 Let’s Get Revelated
B4 Ain’t That Hatin’ You Baby
B5 Coming Unwound
B6 Don’t Look At Me When I’m Looking At You
B7 You’ve No Mind