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Welcome anthology of the Roadrunners, perfect garage/rhythm n’blues band from Orebro, Sweden… They did one Cd Ep, 3 singles and various tracks on compilations, between 1997 and 2001, before disbanding… At the time, when so many bands in the same vein were trying to catch the fuzzy and cryptic side of the glorious elders, the Roadrunners also claimed their love for this European rhythm and blues sound of the Pretty Things, Them, Q 65 or Downliner Sect… They had a real wild reputation when it comes to stage acts, led by extraordinaire frontman Peter Carlsson… They disbanded in 2001, some former members went to play with such bands as the Strollers, Dead Man and Maharajas, while Peter started his own label Crusher Rcds… You will find on this Lp everything they did, including two unreleased tracks “Please Don’t” and “Bring Me Down”.

A Side:
1- I Believe
2- Downhearted Man
3- Come Here Honey
4- Yeah I Know
5- I’m Crying
6- Goodbye
7- Be Mine
8- Payback Time
B Side:
1- Love Me As I Am
2- Would You Be Mine
3- Come On Home
4- Can You Be True
5- Please Don’t
6- Bring Me Down