THE ROUTES: Instrumentals II LP


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One of our favorite artists and part of our family almost since the beguinning, came out with a new killer record. This time a new 100% instrumental album.
You can call it surf music, intrumental rock, psychedelic, you name it. It’s so original and carved with a tone of influences since the 50’s to the now music, that is almost unclasifiable.
This one have also a special flavor: it’s a true homage to one of the most important japanese guitar player and composer, Takeshi Terauchi. The sleeve was inspired in one of our favorite albums he did in the 70’s with The Blue Jeans, Rashomon.
For us, one of the best albuns that we released all over
Β the years.

1. Pistolero
2. Kapow!
3. Sophisticated Sasquatch
4. Apocalyspo
5. 20 Year Blink
6. Ain’t It Black
7. Snail Love Story
8. Can’t Be Helped
9. Hang Down
10. Hello I Shove You