THE SELLWOODS: Demented Planet 7″ EP


Available in Black or Red Vinyl


CHAPUTA! Records - THE SELLWOODS: Demented Planet 7" EP - Teaser

Deliverin’ 4 RED HOT SIZZLERS full of CAMP and PUNK to get you through these DEMENTED TIMES!
These four nit-wits actually went into a REAL PROFESSIONAL STUDIO to record 4 NEW ALL-ORIGINAL RADIOACTIVE TRACKS!!!
These tracks will get you JUMPIN’, BOUNCIN’ & A-BUMPIN’!
Eileen Ulick, Editor of Rockin’ Balls Magazine, USA

A1 – Volcano Girl
A2 – Down In The Alley
B1 – Goldstar 500
B2 – Demented Planet

All tracks written by THE SELLWOODS
Recorded August/October 2020 at Fetish Pop Studio in Portland, Oregon, USA
Recorded, mixed, mastered and pampered by The Reverend Kirk Larsen
All keyboard tracks plus vocals on “Volcano Girl” recorded long distance by Dave Berkham
Vinyl Mastering by Mike Mariconda
Artwork by Rui Ricardo

Available in Black or Red Vinyl
Play this stereophonic punk record LOUD!

Release date: 2021, May 17th



“Since 2012 The Sellwoods have hoisted the black Cuban-heeled flag of garage rock revival.  Based in Portland, Oregon, this group pounds 1960’s garage punk  by blending it with hot rod, sizzled out fuzz driven rock n’ roll.  Fans of The Fuzztones, The Gruesomes or The Cynics with find the Demented Planet EPwell among like-minds. It’s not a surprise then that The Sellwoods have found a home with Chaputa Records. Like previous releases, this EP comes via this label which is renowned for garage punk catalogue. So, readers beware. this EP’s lives up to it’s deranged potential. It’s not be handled lightly.
While only four tracks, the Demented Planet EP boasts a furry of rabid, primitive punches. This is evident with tracks “Volcano Girl” and “Down In The Alley.”  “Volcano Girl” has a kind of vacant, snotty vocal presence behind a prominent organ heavy presence. The latter is thanks to the guest contribution of The Reverberations own Dave Berkham. In contrast, “Down In The Alley” vaunts a wild sound that grabs a hold of it’s listener with the drop of the first note. It’s a kind of thriller tune that is sung from the perspective of a creeper-like figure waiting for a kill.
“Goldstar 500” follows up with some raucous hot rod garage. It’s simple and straight to the point. The title track “Demented Planet” celebrates The Sellwoods ability to knock out the savage beat. It’s haunted caveman nature begs a nod toward fellow rockers Screaming Lord Sutch or The Graveyard Five. For this reason, this track is perhaps the most exciting track on the EP and ought to be played uninhibited by the constraints of volume control.
The Sellwoods do not disappoint. I’ve enjoyed their material ever since catching them opening for The Jackets in February 2020. It would be amiss not to pay The Sellwoods their dues. Their composition is tight and fun.  Furthermore, these rock n’ rollers know how to strip down that rock n’ roll down to the bare essentials and then turn around to seamlessly bash it into one’s skull.  The Demented Planet EP is meant for lovers of the primordial noise of garage punk. So, get this record and give it a well deserved spin.” 

Oscar - KOTJ

“New work from my favorite nuts. They return to the fray with this ep for the Chaputa label, responsible for giving physical shape to the last works of the Portland quartet that opens the pandora’s box with “Volcano Girl,” a whirlwind of garage punk with Sir Viking pounding the bass with a devastating beat, Matt “Blind Baron’s” guitar, June “Snakebite” on the organ and the monolithic beat of Melissa “The Baronese on drums, get your neurons shocked. A sonic hit throughout the face that gives way to “Down in the alley” showing the effervescence of the most amazing bands of the Pebbles. On the b-side, another nut run called “Goldstar 500” pure teen punk billed by guys who at times dust off some first-timers Gories. Closing, the instrumental “Demented Planet” perfect soundtrack for any party with the consent of the crazy Kim Fowley. All this under the watchful eye of Dave Berkham, Mike Mariconda who together with The Reverend Kirk Larsen give the go-ahead in the laboratories. All this perfectly illustrated by Rui Ricardo. Kid !!! This is genuine garage punk in the XXI century.” 


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