THE SKEPTICS: File Under Fuzz Punk LP



2012 – Moody Monkey

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This 1st album by THE SKEPTICS is soon gonna be a classic for all garage freaks interested in NOW! music, and will do pretty well too on any turntable. The album features two cover songs (an a**kicking version of “Searching” and “High on a Cloud”) as well as a medley tribute to Link Wray. All other songs are written by Bart De Vraantijk. Cryptic fuzz punk meets 60s influenced garage weirdos: no clich├ęs, just super original super raw garage tunes. THE SKEPTICS are a unique one-man creation interpreted live by a French-Belgian three-piece combo. So altogether 14 extremely exciting killers on vinyl, to be filed under Fuzz Punk! Listen to The Skeptics!

Spider Baby video
The Last Man On Earth video
You’re a Jezebel video