THE SMOGGERS: Shadows In My Mind LP


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THE SMOGGERS have been playing together since 2008 now. After some changes on the band and several releases on various record labels (Clifford, KOTJ, Chickpea, Dead By Mono, Grit, Ghost Highway), their brandnew LP ‘Shadows In My Mind’ is probably the most dirty-sounding garage-record they have put out so far! With its primitive, wild 80’s Garagepunk-revival-sound it fits right into the SOUNDFLAT catalogue. The amazing cover artwork already gives away what is inside: ‘Shadows In My Mind’ is pure Garagepunk filled with a heavy fuzzguitar, a frantic organ and screeching vocals. The record provides eleven songs, all of which are self-composed except for two cover versions of the GRUESOMES’ ‘Dementia 13’, and LUST-O-RAMA ‘Why!’ You have catchy R&B-songs like ‘I Don’t Want Your Lies’, wild songs like ‘Es Por Ti’ that sounds a lot like THE MOONSTONES!!! and ‘Cavegirls like your taste’ and ‘Unknow Song’ that have taste to Primates, Crimsom Shadows Or Outta Placer! With ‘Happibilly Never After’ they included a dark instrumental piece, whose spooky organ reminds one of THE FUZZTONES as ‘Shadows in my Mind does.The three Spanish boys and one girl have that spot-on wild, longhaired, bone-necklace-wearing garagepunk-look which matches their primitive 60s garagepunk-sound perfectly. If you dig wild, fuzzy, ‘back from the grave’-records, don’t miss out on THE SMOGGERS’ new album ‘Shadows In My Mind’!

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I Don’t Want Your Lies
Garage Woman
Cavegirls Don’t Like Your Taste
Psychotic Dreams

Happybilly Never After
Es Por Ti
Unknown Song
I Got You Baby
Shadows In My Mind