THE SMOGGERS: She’s Wicked 7″ (pre-order)


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Sant Antoni Pop Festival - The Smoggers (2023)

THE SMOGGERS: She's Wicked

For the first time in their 16-year career, The Smoggers have recorded a single featuring two covers, paying homage to two of their major musical influences. On side A, they present their rendition of “She’s Wicked” by the FUZZTONES, and on side B, “Strychnine” by the seminal garage punkers, THE SONICS. This is a fresh discographic venture from the band hailing from Seville, Spain, sure to delight any fuzz enthusiast.
The cover is illustrated by Rui Ricardo, and this edition, coming on January 19th 2024 is limited edition of 500 copies on classic black vinyl.

A – She’s Wicked
B – Strychnine

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