THE SMOGGERS: That’s My Last Rock ‘N’ Roll LP


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THE SMOGGERS have been bringing their trademark version of garage rock to a fanatic audience for 16 years now.After twenty releases they follow up with a brand-new LP named “My Last Rock’n’Roll”.

It is a solid reminder of what makes THE SMOGGERS special; wild fuzzy guitars, a haunting hammond organ, stomping drums, screaming vocals and a lot of primitive garage-punk’n’roll! This album surely continues to whet appetites for more from their musical universe.

There is a definite proto-punk, hard-rock, and psychedelic edge to their songwriting. At the same time the album is very versatile, as the band keeps varying their approach while adding some musical references to classic rock’n’roll bands like THE DOORS, STOOGES or FLAMIN’ GROOVIES to their savage sound attack.

If it is sinister organ-driven tunes like “Do You Smog On My Grave” and “Looking For A Lie”, or catchy danceable garage-rock-tunes like the title-song “My Last Rock’n’Roll” and “I Hate Your Smile” – this album is telling a wild garage-punk-tale from the grave that needs to be heard!

Side 1
1. Don’t Try To Help Me Anymore
2. Looking For A Lie
3. You Got It
4. My Last Rock’n’Roll
5. Travel With Mary
Side 2
1. Time To Dream
2. It’s Too Late
3. Let Me Down
4. I Hate Your Smile
5. Do You Smog on My Grave

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