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The Smoggers - Tonight - Your Lies (Teaser Video)

If you read this and hold the new Smoggers vinyl 7” in your hand you’re truly a unique person. Congratulations to you for belonging to that tiny fraction of people in this world that loves garage rock.
You’re not like everybody else. I’m pretty sure that you’re a person with a lot of integrity and always choose your own path thru the forest and have walked your own misty lanes in pointy boots. There’s not many like you. The latest global reports claims that only one (1) person in 500 000 are into wylde demented fuzz and farfisa dominated rock’n roll.
And who’re the people who keep the flame burnin’? Let me introduce you to one of todays hottest bands around!
The Smoggers hails from Andalucia in southern Spain. This scorching hot and arid land does not only produce intriguing wines like sherry, montilla and malaga but also some blistering wild garage punk rock music. Led by notororius madman Fernando, the band has been around since 2007 and have gathered many disciples all over the world through their intense touring and many great records. Fernandos snotty lead vocals and fuzzy Vox Teardrop guitar is backed up by Anas haunting Vox Jaguar organ as well as Bernys intriguing lead fuzz Vox Phantom axe. Everything is knitted and hold together with the fine brontosaurus bass work done by Gusti and the steady beat from Juan José – the man behind the drums.

The A-side ”Tonight” kicks of with a dark, gloomy monster fuzz guitar in true Smoggers style. Haunting vocals combined with a snotty harp makes this the perfect floor filler at any party.
The B-side ”Your Lies” shows a more moody, organ up-tempo style of garage. Here the band gives Ana and her Vox Jaguar organ 100% attention so the swirling notes and intricate chord changes comes to their right.

In an everchanging music world where today already is obsolete before it becomes yesterday, it’s a relief to turn on The Smoggers. So put down the stylus and get the groove!

Jens Lindberg 2019-07-07


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