THE SPEEDWAYS: Triple Platinum LP


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The Speedways - Triple Platinum (Full LP)

Compilation of the band’s first 5 years, including songs from their three albums. All 4 songs from their first LP were re-recorded by the entire band in 2023.

1.Seen Better Days – Re-recorded
2.Shoulda’ Known – Remastered version
3.Kisses Are History – Remastered version
4.Talk Of The Town – Radio edit
5.In A World Without Love It’s Hard To Stay Young – Remastered version
6.Tonight You’ll Find Love – Re-recorded
7.A Drop In The Ocean – Remastered version
8.In Common With You – Re-recorded
9.The Day I Call You Mine – Remastered version
10.Secret Secrets – Remastered version
11.Number Seven – Remastered version
12.Just Another Regular Summer – Re-recorded