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Once a myth, now a wild and raw rockin’ primitive reality on wax by those four tweens from illusive – or conspired – German city Bielefeld. After a fast sold-out EP, this is The Trash Templar’s exciting first and only full-length album. Garage at its best with from time to time some grungy punky despair tunes on top. Eleven 100% original ear-worms to make you move your feet and feel your heart break. Not so much a bloodline of Jesus but more a throbbing vein of the purest trash. Finally these four Templars step out of a world of obscurity and are ready to earn the well-deserved glory with their 4-chord-fuzz-garage-punk! Limited edition of 500 exemplars. This is the 12th hot and inevitable release on Moody Monkey Records.

A-01 Down and Out 04:03
A-02 The Witchbreed 03:00
A-03 Dancing With The Bull 02:45
A-04 I Wanna Know 02:38
A-05 The Man I Used To Be 03:12
A-06 Outside Man 02:53

B-01 Insomnia 03:23
B-02 Under My Skin 03:22
B-03 I’m Telling You 02:58
B-04 What We Had (And What’s Left) 03:25
B-05 Whiplash (Live) 05:17

Some words from Beatmike, Cologne 2017 (McPsych -worldwide- Industries):

Dear hunters and collectors,
The history of the Templars dates back to the 12th Century.  On their savage crusades, they have killed thousands of  disbelievers. Rumours testify to the existence of Templars up to the present date. But what does a Templar do today?
They have long since laid down their swords, exchanged them for fuzz guitars and are the proof for their present existence. They still only wear their massive helmets to protect themselves against the mighty sonic waves of the so much hated modern music of today and pray the sounds of pure TRASH rather than the faith in Jesus Christ!
Here they are, cats and dogs, THE TRASH TEMPLARS!!!
Their first live appearance was at a local Halloween dance party back in 2010. Launched as a pure fun project (playing covers of Pebbles/BFTG compilations), the reactions of the audience + promoters to the wild and savage show were overwhelming and led them to different cities all over the country to pray their unique sounds of TRASH. At the Jerk Fest (NL), they attracted the guys of the fine Kuriosa label and the first fantastic EP “I want to be like you” soon followed in 2015.
Their growing popularity soon brought them to top notch festivals as the GARAGEVILLE (Hamburg) and GO WILD (Eindhoven). Their EP sold out quickly and the long awaited recordings for this longplayer started soon after.
The result is what your holding in your sticky hands now. Eleven self-penned, brain-melting, raw and primitive garage tracks that make you shake, shout & shiver! Enjoy this piece of black wax on Moody Monkey Rec. right now, before it’s sold out and fallen into oblivion. The sound of four frustrated, misunderstood teenagers  – thee heirs to the throne of the Templars.