THE ZEROS: Singles Pack 3×7″


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The Zeros is a pioneer punk rock band formed in 1976 in Chula Vista, California. Comparisons with The Ramones are often made when describing the energetic and fierce guitar driven sound of the group

First time reissue! incl. artwork replica on retro style record sleeves.

DON’T PUSH ME AROUND 7″ Single (Red Colour)
This is their debut single, originally released in 1977 on Greg Shaw’s very own Bomp! Records and includes two of the greatest punk rock songs of all time.
1. Don’t Push Me Around 02:25
2. Wimp 02:34

BEAT YOUR HEART OUT 7″ Single (Pink Color)
This is their second single, released in 1978 on Greg Shaw’s very own Bomp! Records (after the fantastic 1977 “Don’t Push Me Around” single).
1. Beat Your Heart Out 02:17
2. Wild Weekend 01:32

THEY SAY THAT (EVERYTHING’S ALRIGHT) 7″ Single (Transparent Color)
This is their third single. In spite of the excellence of these two tracks, the band broke up shortly after its release.
1. They Say That (Everything’s Alright) 02:14
2. Getting Nowhere Fast 02:53