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THEE BLIND CROWS emerged in 2008 from the crossroads between blues and punk. Influenced by bands such as Cramps, Zen Guerrilla, Thee Michelle Gun Elephant, Sonics, Stooges, White Stripes, or Inmortal Lee County Killers, this energetic duo of music lovers from Pontevedra, Spain,  has achieved a unique sound as shown in their wild live performances. An explosive force that, upon detonation, spreads its shrapnel composed of garage, punk, and blues, reaching every form of life, breaking necks, and causing convulsions.

For the past 5 years, they have performed as a trio, but in 2023, they returned to their roots as a duo and recorded a new album, “THEE BLIND CROWS 0823,” a full-length where we will discover the hidden side of the crows. A 100% D.I.Y. cocktail with 15 tracks of blues, punk, garage, folk, surf, country, and instrumentals that traverse their 15 years of existence. Old and new collaborations come together to craft the most extensive and eclectic album to date.

1. Desacougo
2. Do It – Don’t Do It
3. Insomnia
4. Too Early To Leave
5. Monday Nightmare
6. Prescription
7. Pigsty
8. Strana Situazione
9. Acougo
10. Tree Top Town
11. Arroutada
12. Corvo Cego
13. Sleep On The Floor
14. Tree Top Town (II)
15. Never To Be Forgotten