THEE CHA CHA CHAS: Run-in’ Out Of Time 7″


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Thee Cha Cha Chas Japan tour 2019

CHAPUTA! – Garage Punk Fueled

THEE CHA CHA CHAS are a One-woman/One-man garagepunk-band from Melbourne, Australia that originally formed as a joke for a backyard battle of the bands in 2015… but the joke never stopped and we’re extremely glad it didn’t! This power-duo plays raw garagebubblegum- punk with 60s roots and a high dose of wit, so they are an absolute blast to watch live! They already toured Australia and Europe and after their brilliant first single ‘Here Comes That Feeling’ (ZENITH RECORDS) and their split-single with the BREADMAKERS (FOLC RECORDS) the fiery two-piece now releases their next piece of vinyl on SOUNDFLAT RECORDS. The EP includes 4 original tunes by the couple that one just has to fall in love with! The titlesong ‘Runnin’ Out Of Time’ is a fast, very catchy tune that is followed by a RAMONESque guitar on the second song ‘Stop Trying’. But the flip-side is no less powerful with the melodic ‘Cream Of The Crop’ and the wild, very cool ‘I Don’t Believe You’. This Australian duo is certainly one of a kind; whoever has seen and heard them live knows that they not only rock the stage but also have a fantastic, cool sound that makes you want more!

1. Runnin’ Out Of Time
2. Stop Trying
3. Cream Of The Crop
4. I Don’t Believe You