TRAMP: Indigo 4×7″


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This is the regular version that comes as a 4 x 7″ vinyl set. Each vinyl comes in a handstamped paperbag with insert.
Brilliant new rock from Sweden! Tramp consist of Markus Karlsson (ex The Turpentines), Stefan Brändström (HFOS), Johannes Borgström (ex Captain Murphy) and Robert Eriksson (ex Hellacopters).
The tramps involved has known eachother for quite some and played with eachother in different combos as The Turpentines, Henry Fiat’s Open Sore, Captain Murphy & The Hellacopters. In the summer of 2007 Stefan & Markus sprung out from Republikans and contacted Robert & Johannes and formed the new group.
Vinyl version released by Bootleg Booze Records (2011)

Single 1:
Burn his Cross
It’s Automatic
Communication is the Key
Single 2:
The Opsimath
Piece of the Meat
We are all Alone
Single 3:
Cortina or Argentina
No Light
Wonderful New Machine
Single 4:
End of the Line
Happy Days
This is for Real