TT SYNDICATE: Cafe Solo 7″ (v4)


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CHAPUTA! - Garage Punk Powered

Porto, Portugal – A growing sensation in the world of Rhythm and Soul, TT Syndicate proudly announce the release of the volume 4 from the set of set six singles which will be seeing the light of day during the course of 2019, on Malaga based record label Sleazy Records.

This is part four of the six recording sessions carried during this year that will become one LP, by the end of the year.

Ya’ll know what time is it? It’s time for a Café Solo, a Latin flavoured and Exotic Rhyhtm & Blues. The flipside, Silhouette is a greasy Popcorn-ish Rhythm & BIues number with haunting lyrics.

We hope you all enjoy them as much as we did making them!

TT Syndicate:
Pedro Serra -- Lead Vocals
Manuel Oliveira -- Bass
Nuno Riviera -- Lead Guitar
Nuno Gomez -- Drums
Lúcio de Jesus -- Tenor Saxofone
Joel Rocha -- Baritone Saxofone
Bruno Rocha -- Trumpet

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