UGLY BEATS: Stars Align LP


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Ugly Beats- Stars Align LP.  Austin’s The Ugly Beats have been making a glorious, 60s garage-fueled racket for over two decades now. On their fifth studio album they wind the clock all the way back to 1966 and never look back. ‘Stars Align’ features your favorite ageless rock ‘n rollers refining their pounding garage fused folk-jangle sound. Their latest album is a combustible combination of melody-mobbed folk pop and pounding garage rock across 11 new songs and a terrific take on the Real Kids classic ‘She Come Alive’.

Tracking list:
1. All In
2. Boy You’re in Love
3. Count to Ten
4. Heidi
5. Take Your Time
6. In Her Orbi
7. Janie
8. Wake Up Tomorrow
9. Missed Again
10. What Was One
11. She Come Alive
12. One Down

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