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Compilation of rare British songs from the years that immediately preceded the great Beat explosion. This can be considered some sort of quiet land before the storm populated by lots of young voices, fresh melodies, gentle and catchy grooves and colourful strings arrangements. The disc starts with Peter Gordeno singing “I’ll Kiss Your Teardrops Away” a fabulous opener for a rich program of mostly obscure and yet brilliant artists such as David Martin, May Jane, Gerry Reno, Danny Davis, The Avons, Tim Connor, Jimmy Crawford. A real treat for all fans of British Pop music of the 60’s.

A1 Peter Gordeno I’ll Kiss Your Teardrops Away

A2 Jan Brunette Til I Hear The Truth From You
A3 Dean Stevens I’ve Just Heard
A4 Lance Fortune Will You Still Be My Gir
A5 Peter Gordeno The Makings Of A Man
A6 Susan Singer Lock Your Heart Away
A7 The Avons Once Upon A Summer’s Day
A8 Jimmy Crawford Thank You
A9 The Kaye Sisters Keep On Lovin’ Me
A10 Josh Hanna When I Love You
B1 Lynda Graham You’d Better Believe It
B2 Tony Sheveton Lullaby Of Love
B3 David Martin Why Have You Treated Me This Way
B4 Russ Sainty Unforgettable Love
B5 Bobbi Carol It Doesn’t Matter
B6 Mary Jane Robot Man
B7 Mark Peters Don’t Cry For Me
B8 Dean Stevens Let Me Show You Now
B9 Gary Lane Start Walking, Boy
B10 Tim Connor So Long, Baby