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The fourth ‘Buzzsaw’ Cut has been compiled by the Juke Joint Crew, an international trio of music fanatics. These guys spend all their time (and money!) seeking out rare, weird and wonderful original vinyl 45’s. They don’t mind getting dusty fingers digging up obscure sounds for their pleasure and yours. Not interested in glory, Juke Joint just want to celebrate the artists who crafted these amazing moments in time. Their no-holds-barred approach to music appreciation puts them ahead of the curve when it comes to selection.

Side Juke
1. Bailey’s Nervous Kats – Cobra (Camelia, 1959)
2. Bobby Towers – Bondage Of Love (Stylo, 1960)
3. Jean Kassapian – La La La (Rio, 1958)
4. Berlingeri and His Orchestra -Lolita (Jaro International, 1960)
5. Troy Talton – Strange Desire (Kin, 1962)
6. Cris Stamos – Gypsy Love (Dart, 1960)
7. The Schulman Kids – Summertime (Renner, 1962)
8. Tito Rodriguez and his Orch -Taboo (United Artists, 1962)
Side Mr. Woods
1. Hannah Dean – Strange Man (Columbia, 1961)
2. Jeri Southern – Senor Blues (Capitol, 1959)
3. Yvonne Baker & The Sensations – Eyes (Argo, 1962)
4. The Drivers – Dangerous Lips (De Luxe, 1957)
5. The Hollywood Flames – Let’s Talk It Over (Swing Time, 1953)
6. The Stars Of Faith – Mean Old World (Savoy, 1958)
7. Bobbie Bolden – Hall of Shame (Terel, 1958)
8. Maxine Harris – It’s a Lonesome Old Town (R-Dell, 1958)

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