VA: CREATURE CUTS Vol. 3 LP (Great 50-60’s Trash – Color vinyl)


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Gary Shelton - The trance

14 Killer tracks of deranged craziness !  A real scream inducing slice of madness from the 50’s & early 60’s and more…Get hypnotised by ‘Gary Shelton’s : The Trance’ and fall under to ‘Chance Halladay’s : Deep Sleep’…Run from ‘The Abominable Snow-Man’ (by The Copycats) or even ‘Carl Bonafede’s Wolfman’.
A great addition to the Creature Cuts series and more than worthy enough to be in your collection.

Vol One… Sold out!
Vol Two… Not many left

1. Tommy Bruce – Monster Gonzalez
2. Gary Shelton – The Trance
3. The Bandmasters – The Thing
4. Morgus & The Daringers – Morgus Creep
5. The Copycats – The Abominable Snow-Man
6. Carl Bonafede – Were Wolf
7. Bill Cardille – Chilly Billy’s Vamp
1. Screamin’ Jay Hawkins – I Hear Voices
2. Chance Halladay – Deep Sleep
3. Don Sargent & The Buddies – Voodoo Kiss
4. Mel Calvin & The Kokonuts – My Mummy
5. King Horror – Dracula Prince Of Darkness
6. Jimmy Wages – Take Me From This Garden Of Evil
7. Gene McKown – Ghost Memories

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