VA: Fire Of Love Vol. 1 LP


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A really unusual idea for a collection – one that follows similar territory of other collections that trawl through the hinterlands of rare singles from the late 50s and early 60s, but with a completely different vibe overall! The music here is sad and blue – really moody numbers that fit the heartbroken quality of the cover image – often served up by artists who might be best known for their more rocking tracks, but who here often sing slowly to spare, sad-tinged backings – the sort that shows that even the tuff cats on the block have some feelings too! Titles include “Shadow Street” by Kip Tyler, “Fire Of Love” by Jody Reynolds, “So Young” by Clyde Stacy & His Nitecaps, “Georgia Lee Brown” by Jackie Lee Cochran, “Wild One” by The Renowns, “Watcha Gonna Do” by Hayden Thompson, “The Low Road” by Mac Curtis, “I Wish You Were Wishing” by Allen Page, and “Lonely Boy” by Kenny Loran & The Laurels.

Jody Reynolds - Fire of Love

Joey Castle-Wild Love 1959

Johnny Garner - Little Starry Eyes - Imperial

First volume in the ‘Fire Of Love’ series. A collection of lost unknown, darkest, brooding, slow burning, sexy, steamy ’50s rockaballads, many of these gems have been hidden on the flip sides of rockabilly classics, or just come from a universe of their own, but this is the album that you play at 3:00 a.m. when you can’t sleep because you can’t get him or her out of your mind. An LP full of reverb, heavy tremolo, strange beats that take you to a place full of shadows, darkness and passion! Limited to 500 copies.

01 Fire Of Love – Jody Reynolds
02 Wild Love – Joey Castle & The Daddy-O’s
03 Little Starry Eyes – Johnny Garner
04 Shadow Street – Kip Tyler
05 Love’s Dream – Larry O’Keefe
06 Georgia Lee Brown- Jackie Lee Cochran
07 Lonely Boy – Kenny Loran & The Laurels
08 Bitter Tears – Rodney Scott
09 So Young – Clyde Stacy & His Nitecaps
10 Watcha Gonna Do – Hayden Thompson
11 The Low Roa- Mac Curtis
12 Edge Of Town – Darry Weaver
13 The Place – Johnny Guidry
14 Wild One – The Renowns
15 Still As The Night – Sanford Clark
16 I’d Like To Again – Frank Evans & The Topnotchers
17 I Wish You Were Wishing – Allen Page
18 Blue Fire – Don Ellis & Royal Dukes

(Limited edition of 500 copies!)