VA: Forbidden City Dog Food LP


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Reissue of this rare compilation LP compiled by Lux Interior of the Cramps in the late 70s !.
Lux Interior, apart from founding the Cramps, is also recognized for its incredible “Mix Tapes” to be played at their shows before they went on stage.
In this particular compilation you will find Rock & Roll, Surf, Garage, R&B, Lounge Muisc, etc…interspersed with B-Movie trailer clips and wigged out voice overs, a real joy!


A1 – Crystals – The Screw
A2 – Kenny Henkle’s Friends – The Bee
A3 – Invictas – The Hump
A4 – Mercedes And The Bluenotes – Do The Pig
A5 – J.J. Jackson – O-Ma-Liddy
A6 – Sparkles – The Hip
A7 – J. Buck And The Blazers – Forbidden City
B1 – Kingpins – Ungaua
B2 – Florence Pepper – China Rock
B3 – Rod McKuen – Noisey Village
B4 – Dynamos – Wow Wow Yea Yea
B5 – Sliders – The Lamb Shake
B6 – Wes Dakus And The Rebels – Sour Biscuits
B7 – Wes Dakus And The Rebels – Dog Food

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