VA: KNUCKLE GIRLS Vol. 2 LP (14 Pugilistic Platters From The Only Glitter Girls That Matter)


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PUREPOP: Nina Martin - I am Aggressive - Top Glam Pop (1976)

NORAH The Battle for my Love

’14 PUGILISTIC PLATTERS FROM THE ONLY GLITTER GIRLS THAT MATTER’ – Second volume of this all-girl foot-stompin’ bovver rock compilation series.w they’re moving in gangs and using bicycle chains, knives and clubs. In fact they’re beginning to behave in a way once only associated with the roughest of boys. 70s Junk Shop Glam & Proto Punk. “I´m aggressive”, “I Like motorcycles” or “Steam Hammer”.. that´s the way songs should be named. And that´s the way way these songs sound. Time for a revival!

A1 Nina Martin – I’m Aggressive
A2 Norah – The Battle For My Love
A3 Philadelphia – School’s Back
A4 Paula Lincoln – It’s The Monster Again
A5 Vermilion And The Aces – I Like Motorcycles
A6 Bobbie McGee – Upside Down
A7 NQB – Long Long Weekend
B1 The Alison Marklew Band – Midnight Rider
B2 Lorenza Johnson – Mr. Teaser
B3 Radar – Nobody Knows
B4 Rock Follies – Good Behaviour
B5 The (New) Settlers– Lifelight
B6 Punchin’ Judy – Settle Down
B7 Judith Crowne – Steam Hammer

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