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Top-rated West Coast garage sounds from the vaults of maverick genius Gary S Paxton. Acknowledged classics, tantalising obscurities and several previously unheard gems, all from the original master tapes, including tracks by Limey & The Yanks, The Avengers, The Whatt Four, The Buddhas… among many others.
Compiled by genre expert Alec Palao and originally released by Big Beat/ACE on CD only a few years back, it is now available on vinyl for the first time.

1. Our Love Should Last Forever – The Whatt Four
2. Be A Cave Man – The Avengers
3. Guaranteed Love – Limey & The Yanks
4. Lost Innocence – The Buddhas
5. Grey Zone – The Fog
6. I Need Love – The New Wing
7. See If I Care – Ken & The Forth Dimension
8. In The Heat Of The Night – Mental Institution
9. When It’s Over – The Avengers
10. You’re Wishin’ I Was Someone Else – The Whatt Four
11. Flight Of The Dead Bird – Limey & The Yanks
12. My Dream – The Buddhas
13. I Told You So – The Avengers
14. Peddlers Of Hate – Don Hinson
15. Melodyland Loser – The New Wing
16. The Highly Successful Young Rupert White – The Chocolate Tunnel
17. Tomorrow Never Comes – Limey & The Yanks
18. You Better Stop Your Messin’ Around – The Whatt Four
19. Shipwrecked – The Avengers
20. This Freedom I Have Found – Unknown Artist
21. Leather Coated Cottage – Limey & The Yanks
22. Brown Eyed Woman – The New Wing
23. My True True Love – The Avengers
24. I’ll Never Let You Go – Carl Walden & The Humans