VA: SAINTS AND SINNERS Vol. 1 to 10 LP Bundle

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“Saints & Sinners” compilations are a true winner series. Compiled from original 45s, the legend says they belong to a wealthy Arab sheik living in an uncertain point of the desert. As usual with top notch sound and pressed on 180-grams of thick vinyl. A must for the record collector! Limited to 500 copies. Available only as 10 LP bundle set at special price.


Volume 1
Side A :
01. Lyle Collins & The Rebel-Aires ; Johnnycake Mountain (Nashville)
02. Lonnie Lillie : Truckdriver’s Special (Marathon)
03. Trini Lopez : I’m a Sinner not a Saint (United Modern)
04. Big Bob : What am I (Jaro Int.)
05. Little Johnny Taylor : Somewhere Down The Line (Galaxy)
06. Lightnin’ Hopkins : Happy New Year (Decca)
07. Buddy Killen ; Whatcha Gonna Do Tomorrow (University)
08. The Renowns : Wild One (Everest)
Side B :
01. Buddy Miller : Teen Twist (Ven)
02. Frankie Ford with Huey Piano Smith Band : Alimony (Ace)
03. Ronnie Brent : My Sweet Verlene (United Artists)
04. Augie Moreno : Cry, Cry, Cry (Tally)
05. Little Chuck Daniels : Night Shift (Dixie)
06. Don Hart : I’m Not Ready Now (Delightful)
07. Wynn Stewart : Uncle John’s Got Caught
08. The Ramrocks : On The Rocks (Antler)

Volume 2
Side 1 :
01.Neil Darrow & The Quarter Notes: She’s a Fine Chick (Wizz)
02.Wibby Lee : I’m Lost Without Your Love (Jalyn)
03.Jimmy Walls : Look at me Eyes (Walton)
04.Johnny Bond : Five-Minute Love Affair (Republic)
05.Little Walter &His Jukes: It Ain’t Right (Checker)
06.Hanna Dean : Itty Bitty Love (Columbia)
07.Johnny Spain & The Famous Flames : I’m In Love (Back Beat)
08.Bob Gallion : Start All Over (Hickory)
Side B :
01.The Fames : The Hoochi Coochi Coo (Merri)
02.Benny Banta : Cry Little Girlie (Viv)
03.Ronnie Love : Chills and Fever (Dot)
04.Little Sonny with Big Jay McNeely’s Band : BackShackTrack
05.Elmore James & His Broomdusters : Cry for me Baby
06.Chuck Nix : Sixteen
07.Dick Miller : Now I’m Gone
08.Gary Shelton : Yours Till I Die (Mercury)

Volume 3
Side A:
01. Jackie O’Neal : You Broke My Heart
02.Steve Carpenter : You’re Putting Me On
03.The Wailers : Shangied
04.Sonny Joe Ivy : Ruby And The Gambler
05.Eugene Church : You Got The Right Idea
06.Vikki Nelson : I Was A Fool For Leaving
07.Trini Lopez : The Right To Rock
08.Rem Wall : One Of These Days
Side B:
01.Rod Bernard : Recorded In England
02.Bobby Marchan : What You Don’t Know Don’t Hurt You
03.Freddy King : San-Ho-Zay
04.Andy &The Live Wires : You’ve Done It Again
05.Fireflies : Stella Got A Fella
06.Don & Dewey : Jelly Bean
07.Sonny Anderson : Yes, I’m Gonna Love You
08. Johnny Reno : Naughty Mama

Volume 4
Side A:
01.Bobby Lonero : Little Bit
02.Bobby Freeman : Shame On You Miss Johnson
03.Rusty Isabell : Firewater
04.Charlie Rich : Midnight Blues
05.George Wormington : Hours With The Owls
06.The Van Delles : I Got The Blues
07.Bobby And His Orbits : Felicia
08.The Lavenders : Aw Shucks
Side B:
01.The Chancellors : Little Latin Lupe Lu
02.Lonnie Mack : Sa-Ba-Hoola
03.Pearl Woods : Sippin Sorrow
04.Roy Clark : Spooky Movies
05.Little Ben & The Cheers : Roll That Rig
06. Jefferson (Ramblin’ Man) County : City Billy
07. Don Thomas : Hey Little Dancing Girl
08. Big Bill Broonzy : Tomorrow

Volume 5
Side A:
01.Joe Tex : You little baby face thing
02.Rhythm Royals : Prove it
03.Ole miss down beats : Geraldine
04.Steve Bledsoe : Dumb dumb bunny
05.Rene Halls Orchestra : Twitchy
06.Don Ruby : Rockin piano – outta tune guitar
07.Tiny : As! Shucks baby
08.The Sabres : Take up the slack daddy-o
Side B:
01.Silvertones : Get it
02.Jim Doval : Boney Maroni
03.The Duals : Bye-Bye
04.Tommy Bell : Midnight Dreams
05.Jeb Stuart : I betcha gonna like it
06.Danny Boy Blue : Kokomo me baby
07.Lenny Capello & the Dots : Cotton candy
087.Wally Lewis : Kathleen

Volume 6
Side A:
01.The Valentines : Thats it man
02.Don French : Goldilocks
03.Bobby and the Fifths : My babys fine
04.Big Al Downing :Yes I’m loving you
05.Cosmo & the Counts : Let’s do the Taystee Twist song
06.Ray Ethier : Slave girl
07.Cleveland Crochet and his band of sugar bees : Come back little girl
08.Ken Galloway : Bayou Lou
Side B:
01.Jamie Coe : School day blues
02.Bobby de Soto : The Cheater
03.Mike Berry and the Innocents : On my mind
04.Jimmy Donley : The Shape you left me in
05.The Curios : Chicken back part 1
06.Gig Hamilton : Pretty baby (come back to me)
07.The Equadors : Sputnik dance
08.Big John Greer : Let me come home

Volume 7
Side A:
01. The Duvals : Ferny Roast (Prelude)
02. Magnificent Seven : Baby Doll (Vee Eight)
03. Fention Robinson :Tennessee Woman (Duke)
04. Lanny Duncan : Tummy Tickles (Candix)
05.True Taylor : True Or False (Big)
06. Lulu Reed & Freddy King< : You Can’t Hide (Federal)
07. Count Ferrel : Wizard Of Ahs (Astra)
08. Linda Gayle : Stop, Look, Listen (Columbia)
Side 2:
01. Bill Walker : Party Time (Kaiser)
02. Syl Johnson : Little Sally Walker (Federal)
03. Crash Craddock : I Want That (Columbia)
04. Jimmy Rabbitt : Pushover (Knight)
05. Bill Royal :Caffeine, Nicotine And Gasoline (Odessa)
06. Lani Kai : I’m Gonna Leave My Heart At Home
07. Tommy Roe & The Satins : Caveman
08. Billy Brown : Run ‘Em Off

Volume 8
Side A:
01.Jack Burns & The Bonanzas :Wake Up (Fly)
02.Jimmy McCracklin & His Orchestra :Get Back (Premium)
03.Little Nat :Tally Wally (Pik)
04.Andy Anderson :You Shake Me Up (Apollo)
05.Scott Miller : I Got School (Grey Cliff)
06.B – B Scratchin (Instrumental)
07.Lazy Lester : I’m A Lover, Not A Fighter (Excello)
08.Gary U.S. Bonds : New Orleans
Side B:
01.The El Dorados : Linda Lee (Rock-Highland)
02.K.C. Grand & The Shades : Lookie-Lookie-Lookie (Matt)
03.lamar Morris : The Fugitive (Bonanza)
04.Terry Lee : Hey Baby, Hey Sugar (Red Fox)
05.The Shondells : Thunderbolt (Snap)
06.Colin Cook : Stop Sneaking Around (W&G)
07.Billy & Eddie :The King Is Coming Back (Top Rank)
08.Bobby Freeman : When You’re Smiling (Josie)

Volume 9:
Side A:
01. Big Bo & The Arrows : Big Bo’s Twist
02. Jamie Coe : Two Dozen And A Half
03. Paul Curry : Route 66
04. Linda : That Crazy Feeling
05. Don Charles : She’s Mine
06. Pearlean Gray : Have You Ever Had The Blues
07. The Rangers : Snow Skiing
08. Vernon & Jewell : That’s A Rockin’ Good Way
Side B:
01. Guitar Red : Just You And I
02. Jerry Palmer : Walking The Dog
03. Elmer Parker & The Light Lighters : You Know I Love You
04. Vince Everett : Don’t Go
05. The Caravans : Twistin’ Rockin’ Baby
06. Kimball Coburn : Evil Eye
07. Tee Tucker : Rock & Roll Machine
08. Don Hosea With Roland James Orchestra : Misery

Volume 10
Side A:
01. Me & Dem Guys : Come On Little Sweetheart
02. Baby Boy Jennings & The Satellites : Goin’ Home
03. Solomon Burke : Maggie’s Farm
04. Steve Alaimo & The Redcoats : Blue Fire
05. Eddie Alston : I Just Can’t Help It
06. The Tronics : The Big Scroungy
07. Eddie Dugosh & The Redtops : One Mile
08. Jericho Brown : Lonesome Drifter
Side B :
01. Eddie Bo : Every Dog Got His Day
02. Buddy Kay With The Monuments ; I Still Love You
03. Lee Dorsey : Can You Hear Me
04. Dick Tacker : Rock All Night With Me
05. Bobby Pedrick Jr. : Betty Blue Eyes
06. The Uptowners : You’re A Habit
07. Kenny Lund With The Roller Coasters : Rip It Up Potato Chip
08. Bill Medley : Leavin’ Town