VA: SOME SKIN – A Modern Harmonic Bongo & Percussion Party (Yellow vinyl)


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A bongo comp with unissued Jill Kroesen, Tak Shindo, and Sun Ra!?!?

Bongo Bongo Bongo!

The mere uttering of the word conjures up dreams and images of parties, beaches, tropical vacations, beatniks and poets, goatees and cha-cha heels, drinking espresso in coffee shops, and of the freedom of the road while getting your kicks on Route 66.

Fuzzy dice, bongos in the back. Bongo Rock! Bongo Fury! Bongo Madness! Beat on a pair of bongos and watch the party begin!

SOME SKIN is designed to get that party started. Just throw the platter on the Hi-Fi and let it spin. We’ve put together a group of rare selections, the majority of which are previously unreleased and come from quite possibly the most diverse group of individuals to ever metaphorically step foot onto a bongo comp. Dig?

We just hope the players on these recordings had some skin left on their palms after their beat bashing cooled down. And that you’re not all tuckered out from those frug and boogaloo workouts. If not, just press play and start it all over again. Pretty soon the ghost of Maynard G. Krebs may appear in a bongo fever dream on your dancefloor. Or at your Beach Blanket Bongo party. Do all 16 dances! Just keep on dancin’ and a-prancin!’ – Brother Cleve (mixologist, Sunralogist, keyboardist for Combustible Edison)

Includes: Inspector Bongo – Jack Costanzo • Wild Percussion – Tak Shindo • Singing Bongos – René Hall • Where’s Tim Schellenbaum’s Violin – Jill Kroesen • Cinco Sin Titulo – Herb Schoenbohm’s Quintet Ipanema (Featuring Manfredo Fest) • Escuadron de Policia – Jack Costanzo • Why Don’t You Go To Hell! (Quero Que Va Tudo Pro Inferno) – Herb Schoenbohm’s Quintet Ipanema (Featuring Manfredo Fest) • Cigarillo – Jack Costanzo • Bongo Birthday Surprise – Nicholas Carras • Trinidad Blues – René Hall • Where’s Tim’s Guitar – Jill Kroesen • Boyle Heights – Jack Costanzo • The Idea Of The Greater Age – Sun Ra & His Arkestra • Jungle Duck – Nicholas Carras* • My Sadness