VA: SURFIN BURT’S SURFIN SURFARI – 18 Wild And Exotic Surf Instros from the 60s! LP


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Limited to 500 copies! No repress! Transparent orange vinyl! Hype sticker on front!
In 1961 the first drops of the new surfing wave spilled onto the ether. A group of Californian teenagers called The Belairs released “Mr. Moto” the first flawless surf instrumental and many more were to follow. It was a way of life, it was about freedom, rebellion against the stuffy 50s, about partying and of course about the next wave. All of this was preferably played out in sunny California.
The first hit of the genre was Dick Dale’s “Misirlou”, which was released in 1962. It clearly emphasizes the three main components of surf: a main guitar theme (no vocals!), exotic harmonies and chord progressions and a good deal of wildness and volume! Leo Fender then developed two innovations for Dick Dale without which surf music would not have become what it is: the Fender Reverb – a separate reverberation device – and the Fender Showman amplifier. This equipment is still part of the basic set-up of a surf guitarist who takes his job seriously, especially for purists.
Of course there were plenty of bands that only released a 7″ single or two that were distributed locally or sold at gigs. It takes a man with a nose like a truffle pig to pick out the jewels and pay the sometimes extraordinary prices for the small vinyl. Our man’s name is DJ Crille, himself a resident at Komet! Club in Hamburg (near Reeperbahn), and a recognized surf specialist. Other than that he is also responsible for the Vocal Group Madness! LP and the Born To Hula double LP in the DJ Set series – both on Stag-O-Lee. Surfin Burt’s Surfin Safari! is practically the perfect wave. On vinzl!

Side A
1. Bruce Johnston – Jersey Channel Island Pt 7 2:01
2. Danny Hamilton – Surfin X 1:54
3. Dave & The Customs – The Local 1:43
4. The Marauders – Caliente 2:54
5. The Pace Setters – Mustang 2:32
6. Senor Jimenez – California Dance 1:51
7. The Pal Studio Band – Smoky Night 2:02
8. The Playboys – Shotgun 2:00
9. The Elite’s – Restless 1:53
Total: 19:00

Side B
1. Blaine Smith With The Resumes – The Boss 2:17
2. Del Kent – Holiday On Saturn 2:07
3. Marrell’s Marauders – The Marauder 2:39
4. The Heyburners – Speedway 2:26
5. The Fury’s – Lost Caravan 2:14
6. The Ramrods – Night Ride 1:59
7. The Vistas – No Return 2:31
8. Tommy Dae & The High Tensions – Tampico Race 2:27
9. The Flips – Endless 2:21
Total: 21:07 Minuten