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When it comes to the Portuguese independent and alternative music scene of the 90s, Bee Keeper is one of the most genuine references. From an attic in Lisbon, Elsa Pires created a vehicle of expression to take the music she liked as far as possible. Most of the bands she released took their first steps in the beehive’s catalogue. Always driven by DIY aesthetics, she said that it didn’t matter how the songs were recorded, but their essence. The oeuvres she launched also conquered many people through the personal and manual touch that made each copy unique.
“Teenagers from Outer Space Comeback” is a tribute to all the work Elsa has done. And a record from a family that hadn’t been together for a long time. Skud & Smarty Records challenged some of the bands and musicians who belonged to Bee Keeper’s several editions, such as Jaguar, Radioactive Man, Pinhead Society, Alien Picnic, Plasticine, More República Masónica, Toast or Yolk, to celebrate the occasion with unreleased songs, recorded at home, as simply as possible. The Pastels (Scotland) and Tullycraft (USA), who belonged to Elsa’s universe, also accepted the invitation and contributed to this special compilation, exclusively in red vinyl and limited to 300 copies, in tribute to the original “Teenagers from Outer Space” released in 1996.
Artwork / Illustrations: Liliana Graça
Mastering: Rafael Toral

1. Gasoleene – Honey Pies
2. Norton – Charlie
3. Jaguar – Homosec Love
4. The Pastels – Guest of Honour
5. Manuel Simões – Safe and Sound
6. Safety Matches – Unable
7. Radioactive Man – Bang!
8. Helena Veludo & Gonçalo L. Santos – Gorgeous
9. Rafael Toral – Life Goes On Forever
10. João Paulo Feliciano – Who Loves You
11. Tullycraft – Welcome to the Big Ten Conference
12. Acid Flowers – Shade of Imagination
13. Pedro Baptista – Deux 10
14. Blister – Let’s Choose
15. Important People – Important People
16. Juhx – Dirty Talk
17. Paulo Navarro – Margarida ou Margaridas
18. Bruno Duarte – Great A.M. Work
19. Mariana Ricardo – And a One