VA: WEIRDSVILLE LP – 50’s & 60’s Craziness


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Wowsville & Weirdsville were originally released by the folk who had previously released the Born Bad series, all during the 90’s. A fine mix of oddball 50’s & 60’s tunes to get any party swingin’… 60’s Trash, 50’s Rockin and Exotica from god only knows!… 300 copies only.

A1 Bob Vidone & The Rhythm Rockers – Weird
A2 The Decades – On Sunset
A3 The Zanies – The Mad Scientist
A4 Randy Luck – I Was A Teen-Age Cave Man
A5 Jim Backu s– Cave Man
A6 The Social Outcast s– Mad
A7 Fritz & Jerry – Pad
A8 The Rockbusters – Tough Chick
B1 Little Eddie Woods – Bug Killer
B2 D.D.T. & The Repellent s– Fly Swatter
B3 Johnny Royal– Lover Boy
B4 Jimmie Heap & His Orchestra– Gismo
B5 Jim Doval & The Gauchos– Scrub
B6 The Exports – Car Hop
B7 S&H Scamps – Punjab
B8 The Rockin’ Rebels – Burn Baby Burn

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