WILD BILLY CHILDISH & CTMF: In The Devil’s Focus 10″


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BBC 6music Sessions For Marc Riley And Gideon Coe) “We’re like a cherry tree in the garden that nobody can be bothered to scrump cos it has slightly undersized fruit which has not been standardised for a supermarket. But we’re the real thing and the jays and the crows like us.” Billy Childish – July 2017
For one week in July this year Billy Childish & CTMF had the unique distinction of airing radio sessions on both Marc Riley and Gideon Coe’s BBC 6Music shows. The songs broadcast during the week, of Billy Two Mates, (as it became known) is now available on a limited edition 10” vinyl LP.
This limited 10″ LP is a selection of choice cuts that range from his new (then forthcoming) album ‘Brand New Cage’ and to songs by his 90’s outfit Thee Headcoats, even including personalised jingles recorded for his hosts. ‘In The Devil’s Focus’ has all the usual Childish hallmarks; stomping and abrasive punk and garage, rockabilly swagger, and sardonic & sneering observations. It’s a tight and high calibre set of sessions, and should be essential listening for both Childish fan and completist alike.

Tracking list:
1. Marc’s Jingle
2. You Gotta Lose
3. In The Devil’s Focus
4. Empty
5. Billy B. Childish

1. Gideon’s Jingle
2. I’ve Done Something Rotten
3. Medway Trogglamania
4. Rusty Hook
5. You Destabilise Me