ZAKS: Take Special Care LP


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The Zaks - Lost Tapes 1966 - Take Special Care

CHAPUTA! - Garage Punk Powered

The Zaks - Lost Tapes 1966 - Too Young

CHAPUTA! - Garage Punk Powered

A truly wild Norsebeat/garage punk-LP by The Zaks, who were active in the icy North of Norway during the ’60s. This compilation contains 15 scorching killer originals, guaranteed to endanger the arctic glaciers! Included are both sides of their ultra-rare ’67 single, The Hollies-esque masterpiece ‘Take Special Care’, which was backed with the fab teen-garage rocker ‘Too Young’. The set is completed by 13 unreleased demo cuts from ’66, which wouldn-t be out of place on garage-comps like ‘Pebbles’ and ‘Back From The Grave’, or on the LP’s that were released by the Justice-label! In other words this LP is a MUST for all -60s beat and garage-connoisseurs around the world! Don’t miss out on this one! Comes with an über-cool poster featuring the band’s story on the back!

A1 Take Special Care
A2 Too Young
A3 Not My Girl
A4 All The Time
A5 You
A6 Mombasa
A7 Waiting There
A8 Words Of A Broken Heart
B1 Come On I’m Gonna Tell You The Story Of My Life
B2 I Really Hope
B3 Oh Yeah
B4 I Love Her
B5 Love Is Gone
B6 I’m Back
B7 If I Knew