Inspired by their love for 50โ€™s B-movies, The Satelliters started in 1993 with a nasty romp of drunken, three-chord garage punk for the intentions of โ€œfreaking people out.โ€ Accompanied by their masked stage presence and the garb of aging hipsters, the bandโ€™s debut full-length Hi Karate was released in 1996 with the financial assistance of Dionysus Records.
Dipping into their huge discography (which includes a number of singles and EPs on Demolition Derby, Pin-up and Screaming Apple Records) Dionysus released four more CDs in the States over the next eight years, including Wylde Knights of Action in 1997, Shake, Shake, Shake in 1998, Sexplosive in 2001, and Hashish in 2005. Continuing to add to their overflowing catalog of psychedelic 60โ€™s garage rock, the label put out The Satelliterโ€™s self-titled EP in 2006, which would be followed with Where Do We Go? in 2007. ~ Mike DaRonco and Jason Lymangrover

THE SATTELITERS: Girl It’s Over 7″

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