CHARM BAG: Voodoo Rock ‘n’ Roll LP


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Charm Bag-Voodoo Rock N Roll LP.  Trashtastic album from this Spanish duo featuring Fernando and Ana from the Smoggers! Dirty fuzzy Rock N Roll all over this monster right down to the Gories cover that the band is named after! ‘Voodoo Rock N Roll’ is a treble heavy blast of cheap guitars pummeled into submission. If you like your Rock N Roll in its rawest and crudest form, Charm Bag serve it up hot and fresh. Fans of The Monsters, Lightning Beatman, The Gories, The Oblivians or Hasil Adkins will be all over this.

Tracking list:
A1  Duo-jet Stomp !
A2  Charm Bag
A3  Do The Gories
A4  Lie Detector
B1  I’m Crazy
B2  New kind of kick
B3  We’ll Go !