Superfuzz CD

Superfuzz CD
Released in 2004 as OST for the acclaimed Superfuzz comic-book by Rui Ricardo and Esgar Acelerado, now available outside portuguese borders through Chaputa! Records who recently got the rights for worldwide distribution. 26 tracks of pure garage-punk-surf-rock, one of the best compilations on those genres ever.


  1. Garina Sem Vagina: Boss Hoss
  2. The Dirtbombs: Hearthquake Heart
  3. The’s: Teenage Mojo Workout
  4. The Buff Medways: The Man I Am
  5. Reigning Sound: I’ll Cry
  6. The Outs: Stain
  7. The Maharajas: Medication
  8. Monkeywrench: Love Is A Spider
  9. Mr. David Viner: Sick And Tired Of Being On My Own
  10. Holly Golightly: On The Fire
  11. The Bunnies: Julia
  12. The Mutants: Stampede Caravan
  13. The Bambi Molesters: Bubble Bath
  14. The Masonics: Mumbo Jumbo
  15. The Star And Key Of The Indian Ocean: Cyclone
  16. Mach Kung Fu: Full Reverb
  17. The Boss Martians: I Wanna Be Your Addiction
  18. The Knockout Pills: Target H
  19. The Act-Ups: The Bourgeois
  20. Apemen: Baha-Ree-Ba
  21. Dr. Frankenstein: She Devil’s Stroll
  22. The Insomniacs: Maryanne Lightly
  23. The Ponys: 10 Fingers 11 Toes
  24. The Dt’s: Proud Man
  25. The Legendary Tiger Man: In Cold Blood
  26. Soledad Brothers: Still A Fool

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