ANGRY ZETA: Chills and Thrills LP


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From Buenos Aires in Argentina, street musicians folk trash rock’n’roll punk mayhem, these crazy hillbillies on speed fry your poo at Sonnhalde 14 and eat you with sharp tongues like worms and bugs. Angry Zeta was founded in Buenos Aires Argentina in 2015 as an originally traditional blues-grass country hillbilly street busker band and then became a constant part of the local punk scene and clubs where they found their punk sound, today they mix it all together into a molasses of punk hillbilly folk and raw street music, touring the world in clubs festivals and on the road, amplified or fully acoustic flexible they hit you with such a super hammer of folk punk that you don’t know where you are.For this album Angry Zeta toured Europe for 3 months and we sent them to Italy to Outside Inside Studio for a recording session with Matt Bordin where they spent 3 days recording these songs. Zeta (Dario Vaccaro) the singer and guitarist writes most of the songs together with Waltzer (Pablo Ferrando) fiddle and vocals and the most obscure songs are written by Banjo Bob (Martin Bobrik) like Worms and bugs There are 2 cover versions on the album, one by the Argentinian punk band ‘Flema’ Si yo soy asΓ­, and is a song about drinking beer and drinking too much beer, then the great punk billy version of Mac Curtis’s super killer rockabilly song Low Road.

1. chills and thrills
2. mean mean man
3. i will let you down
4. your uncles tune
5. Si yo soy asi
6. old man norman
7. the low road 02:53
8. eat your poop
9. sonnhalde 14
10. forked tongue
11. one way train
12. worms and bugs 03:43
13. I hate you