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BAD MOJOS from the beautiful Rural Mountain Town THUN in the canton of Berne,SWITZERLAND where the cows Shit freely and Stink Happily in their beautiful landscape, 3 youngsters formed a PUNK ROCK Band via SMS with the intention of producing 185% Fist in your Face punk rock, Away from Sincerity or Arty Farty conservative Music and this what you are holding in your hands: punk with a lot of TRASH & ROCK’N’ROLL and No-Border Attitude, they say their influences are GG ALLIN (the most hated man in the Rock’n’Roll circus) and Mahatma Ghandi (most loved one on this planet) For the recordings we sent them to the south of France to give them into the hands of Lo Spider (SWAMP LAND STUDIOS) to recorded one of the most trashy rawest swiss punk albums of the modern time, unfortunately it is far away from radio capability and it hurts while listen very much.
Switzerland’s not a place for UNDERGROUND music you may think but we’ll show you differently, Switzerland had the most powerful banks in the world, inventors of the RED CROSS but export weapons to war zones, the richest people in the world live here .. so you can say that Switzerland is the only country in the world where it is legitimate to form a punk rock band to make up for it, from Bern and surrounding areas come the probably craziest and most underrated bands in Switzerland (the Jackets, Grauzone, THE MONSTERS, Lightning Beat -Man, GLUEAMS, Eigernordwand etc) We are very proud to present to you the new generation their first full length album after some 7 ‘s on No Front Teeth Records (UK) and Kink Records (DE)

1. diggin’ my own grave
2. baby i’m doomed
3. i wanna be dead
4. i hate
5. commit a crime
6. police car
7. i hope you OD
8. too drunk
9. out of control
10. everybody hates me