BEN VAUGHN: The Many Moods Of Ben Vaughn LP


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Ben Vaughn Combo - M-M-Motor Vehicle

Ben Vaughn’s unstylized singing and guitar is filtered through his quirky sense of humor, resulting a collection of clever lyrics and catchy tunes scented with vintage aroma.
When “The Many Moods Of Ben Vaughn” appeared in 1986, the Combo literally had the world at its feet. Many of the hits you hear when you see him (and the Quintet) today are on this platter.
It sounds just as fresh today as it did back then and sees now its first reissue in 35 years!

1. M-M-Motor Vehicle
2. You’re Gonna Hurt Yourself
3. Lookin For A 7-11
4. I Dig Your Wig
5. I’m Sorry
6. Sleepless Nights
7. Hawaiian Shirts
8. Lovers Leap
9. Wrong Haircut
10. I’ll Stand Alone