EVIL FUZZHEADS: The Fuzz-o-phonic Sound LP


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The Evil Fuzzheads - Fuzz-O-Phonic Sound Of... LP (SFR-112)

The Evil Fuzzheads are a fuzzy trio from Brussels featuring members of the Vice Barons. This is their debut album. Expect some very powerful hammond-driven fuzzy garagerock with a heavy influence of the ’60s and a hint of psychedelia.


A1 So Strange So Strange
A2 Fire In Your Soul
A3 She’s Wearing Rainbows In Her Hair
A4 Love Me Now And Hate Me Later
A5 Lookin’ In The Face Of Evil
A6 You Creep Me Out
B1 I Love You More Than The Whole Wide World
B2 Take Me Up To Your Room
B3 Make Her Mine
B4 On My Mynd
B5 Evil As Evil Can Be
B6 My Hands Belong To The Devil