FEMUR: This Is Garage Punk Desease LP


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Femur - Soy Frankenstein

Femur are a garage-punk combo formed during the days of confinement, in Toledo, Spain.

They are restless beings who love horror movies, the monsters of Hammer and Universal, and rock ‘n’ roll and punk groups from the American garage-revival such as The Cramps, Devil Dogs, The Flakes, along with Britain’s Thee Headcoats and Australia’s The Crusaders, among many other references. They play fast, shout and howl, adapt lyrics into Spanish without hesitation or concessions, and drink beer until they collapse on their old instruments and amplifiers from the last century.

Femur are Kink Jartur (Guitars, Squeals and Grunts), Frankenbones (Bass and Wailing), Crackin’ Fingerella (Keyboards), Drumstomb Price (Drums and Percussion). Femur are GARAGE, girls! Femur are PUNK, kids! Femur are ROCKANDROLL in its purest form!

1. Fuzz & Buzz
2. Nena
3. Soy Frankenstein
4. Acción
5. Pistola
6. Un Monstruo Para tí
7. My Crypt Gates
8. Yo Soy Tu Perro
9. Bicho Malo
10. Frankenstomp
11. Garage Punk Desease
12. En El Tanatorio
13. Voy a Gritar
14. El Tren Coge Marcha

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