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CHR 12006 - TEENAGE TUPELO: Original Score by IMPALA - Teaser

A southern fried Fellini exploitation masterpiece with a swanky strutting r&b love letter from the band IMPALA. Amazing. One of the best soundtracks that you have never heard of.

”I think Teenage Tupelo is the most accurate representation of Impala and what we were capable of doing.“ Scott Bomar (Memphis Flyer, 2005)

In Tupelo, Mississippi, in 1962, a poor, young, single mother is impregnated by a womanizing has-been singer. Her mother tries to force her to give the child away but our heroine isn’t sure. As she tries to solve her problems she receives assistance from unlikely quarters: a lesbian gang and the feminist/nudist/stripper/adult film star they idolize.

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A1 Gerald And The Coondogs
A2 D’lana Walks At Night
A3 Gravelo
A4 Starlet
A5 Fargo! (Wanda’s Theme)
A6 Tomb Of The Tupelo Twin
A7 Thee Madd Madd Manhaters!
A8 Johnnie’s Drive-In
A9 Catfight
A10 Blue Belle!
A11 Manhater’s Walk
B1 Rumble Suite
B2 Fairground On Fire
B3 Woman In Chains
B4 Tom’s Automotive
B5 Pinstripe To Come (Capt. Crypt’s Theme)
B6 Blue Light Of Capricorn
B7 Dudie’s Diner
B8 Uber Femme!

John Michael McCarthy’s original soundtracks reissue series
1 – VA: THE SORE LOSERS (Chaputa! 2018)
2 – IMPALA: TEENAGE TUPELO (Chaputa! 2020)

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