JET REACTIONS: More Reactions 7″


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After 20 years, more than 500 concerts, 3 albums, 1 live, several singles and compilations released in Europe, Japan and USA, FLYING OVER hangs up in June 2015.
In November 2017, after 2 years of cryogenisation, the regeneration is complete, Jet Boy & Jet Girl are back and reform the group with the line up of 2009 under the name JET REACTIONS where we find Jet X – Bass (Hero -X, Jakes, Complications), Jet Beeps – Guitar (Heartbeeps, TV Killers) and a new Jet Gardener drummer (Darlings, Videodrome).
Always in the same vein, the first rehearsal is explosive, the group puts in motion the set of the time and is projected directly into the preparation of new titles for the release of a single 45T in May 2018!
All titles are from JET REACTIONS except “I Hate The Scene” by Demolition Girl & The Strawberry Boys, ARTWORK by Darren Merinuk

1. More Reaction
2. Post Tour Depression
3. I Hate The Scene