LINK WRAY: Sings And Plays Guitar (pink vinyl)


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Back in the bins, now on baby doll pink vinyl!

Unquestionably one of the most iconic rock guitarists of all time, Link Wray rumbled out of the gates with a string of instrumental hits starting in the late ‘50s. From raucous rock ‘n’ roll to americana and gospel, Wray’s versatility provides listeners with a look into that era’s sound.

This album presents another side of Link, this time pairing his blistering fretwork with vocal tunes perfectly suited for the teen hops that Link and company tirelessly played for years. Wray’s innovative stylings and melodies proved to influence fledgling guitarists like Bob Dylan, Pete Townshend, Neil Young, and Jimmy Page. Viewed as a rebel and one of the earliest punks, Wray’s music was spellbinding and continues to be regarded as some of the best rockabilly ever created.

Originally released in an extremely limited number of copies in ‘64, this reissue of one of his rarest LPs is now back in print!

Includes: Baby Doll • Run Boy Run • I Wanta Get Married • Mashed Potatoes • Walkin’ Down The Street Called Love • Remember The Twist • I Need Someone Like You • Young Hearts • Blue Eyes (Don’t Run Away) • Love Me Forever • I’ll Do Anything For You • If This Is Wrong