LISA BEAT AND THE LIARS: Sheena Is a Beat Rocker 7″ EP


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LISA BEAT AND THE LIARS: Sheena Is a Beat Rocker 7″ EP

Lisa Beat And The Liars 🎸 Sheena is a Beat Rocker (Sheena is a Punk Rocker)

Lisa Beat And The Liars ☀️ Italian Sun (California Sun) 🛵 ⛱️

Lisa Beat and The Liars is an Italian band from Ancona. On the scene  since 2016, they have released two 7″ over the last three years as “Lisa Beat e i Bugiardi”.  This brand new record is their first with English lyrics and represents a shift towards a more international sound.

On the A side, the title track is a fun-filled Mersey Beat style  rearrangement of one of the most popular Ramones’ song: “Sheena is a Punk Rocker” and you will hear about Sheena who has moved from NYC to 60s’ misty Liverpool to become a real Beat Rocker. But rather than going to the Discothèque À-Go-Go with their surfboards, here The Kids go to the Marquee Club in Soho with their Rickenbackers and perform some great swinging tunes!

On the B side “Italian Sun” is based on the 60s’ classic “California Sun” and it’s a tribute to the origin of the band: an invite to ride your Lambretta and spend your summer holidays traveling up and down the peninsula under the warm Italian sun.  And yes, this song too has been recorded with that early Mersey Beat sound that is so inspiring for the band.

And because 3 is the perfect number, there is a bonus track: the “Liars” version of “Little Latin Lupe Lu”, released with their first 7″ and a perennial hit with show-goers everywhere.

A1 – Sheena Is a Beat Rocker
B1 – Italian Sun
B2 – Little Latin Lupe Lu

Sleeve illustration by Rui Ricardo

Release date: August 21