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It’s beautiful and clear if you know what to expect based on the cover art, especially if that expectation is fulfilled. Let’s take a look at “Say Hello!!”, the debut album from the Spanish rock & roll group Los Torontos. When we listen to the twelve songs featured here, we hear the music just as it emerged in the late 1950s and early 1960s, with influences from frat rock and rhythm & blues. The band, led by Javier R. Cortés (Los Locos Del Oeste) and Spencer Evoy (MFC Chicken), masters the style perfectly, and moreover, the songs are very delightful. So tonight, we’re going to party as if it were 1959!

A1 Augie Says Hello
A2 Let’s Skate
A3 You’re a One
A4 She Must Be a Curler
A5 Johnny Machine
A6 Mi Amor Eres Tú
B1 Torontontero
B2 No Problem Big Problem
B3 Open 4 Service (24 Hours a Day)
B4 My Kinda Love
B5 Yo Tengo Una Novia
B6 At The Coffe Shop