MONSTERS: Youth Against Nature LP (+CD)


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Recorded at toe rag studios in 1995 – Pure mindblowing primitive rock’n’roll garage trash fuzz punk from switzerland, the fans consider it as their bast album… Ist kinda recorded properly lets say it like that not as trash as the others..

1. burn my mind
2. I just wanna die
3. High heels and mini skirt
4. Go away fuck your self
5. Take a trip to my grave
6. Cosmic belly dance
7. Voodoo love
8. Voodoo love
9. Züri brönnt
10. Go away outa my brain
11. Juvenile delinquent
12. I’m a record junkie
13. My mother told me


This is a REISSUE of the 1997 album of the monsters with the same title and almost the same cover… there where only 1000 pressed that time and vinyl only , now we thought to make a reissue of this one and the first time on CD as well !!! for the recordings they where to London’s Toe Rag Studios, and they where one of the first foreign band who recorded with liam watson… and Josh Collins also shot a video clip in the studio for one song (Voodoo Love) send us a e-mail and we send out the clip.
The Monsters started in 1986 and Youth against nature was the album after ‘Jungle Noise’ in 1995, that means they passed already the Garage Punk Area and went into the voodoo Primitive Rock’n’Roll Garage Punk Trash Area … with this album, with Cosmic Belly dance there’s a fantastic sleazy strip number on it ant the only cover version of this album is ‘züri brönnt’ by Switzerland’s punk rock legend TNT… the whole album still is a totally burner, the recordings are just fantastic and have the typical Toe Rag Sound, it’s kind of that vintage sound liam has mixed with a fantastic drum sound… this is not a reissues like other reissues, it’s still very up to date i thing and hits the right spot.. and still have some great songs on it. like the live classics : high heels and miniskirt’ or burn my mind’ or other songs that never did it to a live show like ‘my mother told my’.